Dr. Oleg Pianykh (Director)

Daniel Briggs

Fionnuala McPeake

Andrew Sharp

Sean Hartmann

Richard Zhang

Daniel Vela

MAG Alumni

We would like to sincerely thank all our former staff and interns for their great contributions to our projects:

Selin Gumuistop (Tuffts University)

Yuxin Xu (Harvard University)

Steven Guitron (MIT)

Darren Parke (Harvard University)

Jing Ai (Columbia University)

Keis Bejgo (MIT)

Joseph Son (Stanford University)

Richard Zhang (MIT)

Christina Jaworsky (MIT)

Connor McCann (Boston University)

Catherine Liu (Boston University)

Catherine Curtis (Harvard University)

Anita Kadali (Dartmouth College)

Catherine Oglevee (Hamilton College)

TJ Bollerman (Boston University)

Michael Reiche (Harvard Business School)

Xuefang Xie (University of Maryland)

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