image001We are looking for energetic, creative, entrepreneurial individuals to build new solutions in the area of healthcare informatics.

In more detail:

Despite many brilliant efforts, healthcare is still plagued with problems. The smart use of computer science, math and business logic can solve many of them, and this is exactly what we are working on. We use applied science to make our patients feel better and our physicians work more efficiently. Our Medical Analytics Group (MAG) is placed in the core of Mass General Hospital, the #1 hospital in the country (US News and World Report). You will have to deal with real problems and real people, and you will have to design, develop and bring to life real solutions. If you have a good background and like challenges, this is the best place to be.

Speaking of background – here is what we are expecting from MAG members:

  • Strong analytical skills: math, statistics, computer science, engineering or similar
  • Strong programming skills: Python/R/Matlab, C++/C#
  • Practical knowledge of databases and SQL
  • Practical knowledge of machine learning
  • Strong disposition towards applied work in a real-life environment

And most importantly: We do not need only-programmers, only-managers, or only-scientists to dwell in their small niches. Instead, we are looking for multi-skilled individuals, who can perform all these tasks to run the entire problem-solving loop: from identifying the problem in a clinical environment, to developing the best problem-solving algorithm, to converting this algorithm into a functional application, to implementing it back in the clinical environment. We need problem solvers. The only measure of your success is the improvements you make in the healthcare cycle.

If this interests you, all you need is to get in touch with Dr. Oleg Pianykh, opianykh (AT] mgh [dot] harvard [dot] edu. Don’t be shy – drop us a note, and don’t forget to attach your resume or CV (2 pages at most).

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