We are applied scientists working to make patients feel better and physicians work more efficiently.

Despite many brilliant efforts, healthcare is still plagued with problems.  The use of computer science, math and business logic can solve many of them  that’s where the Medical Analytics Group comes in.  Our backgrounds are technical, but our focus is practical.  We are problem solvers, bringing real, measurable improvements to healthcare.

We deliver:

  • Data-driven workflow improvements: eliminating bottlenecks, idling, waiting.
  • Cleaner operations: eliminating counter/non-productive processing; eliminating randomness and noise.
  • Better ops management: analysis-driven decision support, analytical displays and alerts, process and data normalization
  • Integration and standardization: improving vendor compatibility at MGH, identifying/eliminating incorrect vendor functionality, working with vendors on new functionality development; facilitating new product implementations.

The Medical Analytics Group is placed in the core of Massachusetts General Hospital, the #1 hospital in the country as ranked by US News and World Report.