All classes are held online:

Current announcements

  • We will have our regular class on September 5 (Labor Day holiday)
  • Our last class is on September 21


Class material

Please use you “Class ID” as explained below to submit all your tests

LectureSlidesHomework problemsHW test Comments
1 SlidesTest (due 9/6)
2SlidesHomeworkTest(due 9/9)
3SlidesHomework Test (due 9/13)
4Slides(no homework)a few extras slides at the end
5SlidesHomeworkTest (due 9/20)
6Slides(no homework)slides include Monday class
Papers to read on self-updating AI models: FDA, Radiology, Nature

Submitting homework assignments

You will be using ProProfs to submit your homework solutions (once you solve the problems offline). To track your submissions, I would ask you to “build” your class ID as the three last digits of your student ID followed by the first three letters by your student email.
For instance, if your school ID =12345678 (as shows in this class roster), and email is, then the ID for this class would be 678joe (no spaces). You will be prompted to enter your ID when submitting homework solutions online. You do not need to have ProProfs account, and you do not need to register with them in any way.


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